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Your Authentic Self

When I was 18 I missed out on my place at university by a single grade. I didn't really have a back up plan but I knew that I wasn't going to waste another year resitting an exam for the sake of one grade.

At the time, all of the courses offered by UK Universities were contained within a rather huge telephone directory style book. So I sat down with a pen and asked myself "What would I like to do?" crossing through any course that was a firm no for me. This left a number of options, some of which I had previously considered and some that had never crossed my mind.

Then I saw Law.

I still remember my first thought "You aren't from the right background to do Law" (right background = posh/rich/family of lawyers). There was my inner critic popping up to keep me safe and within my comfort zone.

But I also remember my second thought "You have just as much right as anyone else to do this" And it was such a powerful thought that on the basis of it I applied immediately.

Sometimes when you silence your inner critic, you can hear another voice. The one that knows who you are, what you are capable of and where you should be heading. If you are lucky enough to hear her, listen.

She knows what she's talking about.

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