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Who do you need to be?

Halloween is around the corner - the one time of year where adults can dress up and pretend to be someone else. Personally I will never top the year I dressed as Lara Croft and got to run around the streets like a real life action figure. The cool thing about Lara is that she a triple threat - brave, gorgeous and smart, things I didn't consider myself to be in 2002. BUT with two fake guns strapped to my thighs, a small backpack and an impossibly long (fake) plait, suddenly I was transformed. I may not have actually looked any different to normal but the confidence that costume gave me had every letchy man in a 5 mile radius coming at me the entire night.

This is a concept used in the coaching world too (minus the guns and fake hair).

Once you have identified your personal goal, ask yourself:

Who is my role model in this field?

How would they show up?

How would they tackle the challenges I face?

In short, who do I have to become to succeed? Then start doing the things they do. Remember that their thoughts and habits paved the way for their success, so what can you learn from them and implement in your own life to move you one step closer to your goal?

I'm off now to buy the worst candy I can find in the hope that when we are left with some post halloween, I don't scoff it all.

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