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How to live in a world of subjective success

Before I moved to the States, I was expecting it be to pretty much just a glossier version of the UK except with Walmarts and perfect teeth in abundance. I hadn't anticipated the cultural differences, in particular American work culture.

I grew up with decent paid vacation (which you are REQUIRED to take), maternity leave that last longer than your hospital car parking ticket, protected employees rights and state pension provisions for granted. So the US work environment (not everywhere I hasten to add) threw me for a loop and I started to understand the pressure of success on the other side of the pond.

But what does success even mean? As #richlitvin points out, it can be very tempting to use external metrics to define it - how many sales you make, how much money you earn, how many followers you have (hello to all 210 of you, anyone want anything down the shop?)

But what if you got to define success on your terms? What would that look like? How will you know when you are successful?

For me it will look a bit like this:

I can take vacations whenever I choose

I show up to all* my kids school events without stressing about work

I choose my own work schedule

I am proud of my financial contribution to our household

I am proud of the difference I am making in my clients lives

I can help others out in hard times without a second thought

I get on flights and TURN LEFT

So before you reach burnout making 'record sales' this year, maybe its time to ask yourself what success actually means to you.

*not the crappy jumble sales though

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