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Goal Setting 101

Goals, goals, goals.

We are always being encouraged to set them in our personal development, at work and in relationships. The problem is, if you are not careful they can end up being a bit vague and 'a bit vague' in goal-setting terms basically means not worth the paper they are written on. Take for instance "I want to be rich/happy/successful" all of those could mean very different things for different people and sometimes they can actually be vague even to ourselves.

So if you are intent on achieving a goal, it's worth taking a little time to make them SMART.






Try to make sure that you are framing them in a positive rather than negative way - stating what you DO want, not what you want less of.

Then ask yourself a few questions along these lines:

  • If you were going to sabotage yourself, how would you do it?

  • What can you do at the outset to set yourself up for success and reduce the chances of self sabotage?

  • What resources are you going to need?

  • Who could you hang out with so that achieving your goals becomes natural?

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