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My Near Death Experience

Ever hung out with toddlers? They come out with the weirdest shit almost on a minute by minute basis. So you would think it wouldn't really phase me when last week, as I am putting my 3 year old to bed she looks me square in the face and says "You are going to die soon". "Pardon?!" I reply "You are going to die soon" she repeated, whilst smiling and laid down to sleep. Okay maybe NDE was a slight exaggeration, it wasn't a exactly a near-miss in the car but I spent the next 3

Goal Setting 101

Goals, goals, goals. We are always being encouraged to set them in our personal development, at work and in relationships. The problem is, if you are not careful they can end up being a bit vague and 'a bit vague' in goal-setting terms basically means not worth the paper they are written on. Take for instance "I want to be rich/happy/successful" all of those could mean very different things for different people and sometimes they can actually be vague even to ourselves. So

Make your perception your passport

“Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport.” When I read this quote last week, it really resonated SO HARD it felt like a slap in the face - I knew I had to share it. I've mentioned before but for the longest time my identity was inextricably linked to my work, so when my family moved to Mexico I brought along two new beliefs: I won't be able to work in Mexico (because my Spanish isn't good enough) Therefore I can't be happy until we move back. I kept m

Who do you need to be?

Halloween is around the corner - the one time of year where adults can dress up and pretend to be someone else. Personally I will never top the year I dressed as Lara Croft and got to run around the streets like a real life action figure. The cool thing about Lara is that she a triple threat - brave, gorgeous and smart, things I didn't consider myself to be in 2002. BUT with two fake guns strapped to my thighs, a small backpack and an impossibly long (fake) plait, suddenly

Maintaining motivation

I miss my twenty year old metabolism. I had no idea how easy I had it until I wanted to loose 50lb in my forties after my second pregnancy. I knew what to do - consume less calories than I used and keep that going. Only it wasn't that simple in real life because I eat when I am nervous, stressed, bored, celebrating, commiserating - you name it, I can probably find a snack to go with it. But the real challenge wasn't starting, it was maintaining motivation. I'm talking abo

Your Authentic Self

When I was 18 I missed out on my place at university by a single grade. I didn't really have a back up plan but I knew that I wasn't going to waste another year resitting an exam for the sake of one grade. At the time, all of the courses offered by UK Universities were contained within a rather huge telephone directory style book. So I sat down with a pen and asked myself "What would I like to do?" crossing through any course that was a firm no for me. This left a number

Grudge Release

I used to LOVE a good grudge, I would even boast about how I had grudges so old I had forgotten how they started. But in the last year or so, I've gone into recovery. These are the reasons why it might be worth joining me in grudge rehab: 👉🏻It takes energy to keep it up and as a mum of two toddler, energy is in short supply so I'm buggered if I'm wasting it on holding grudges. 👉🏻It keeps you saddled the past. Any guru worth their inexplicably long unkempt beard will tel

How to live in a world of subjective success

Before I moved to the States, I was expecting it be to pretty much just a glossier version of the UK except with Walmarts and perfect teeth in abundance. I hadn't anticipated the cultural differences, in particular American work culture. I grew up with decent paid vacation (which you are REQUIRED to take), maternity leave that last longer than your hospital car parking ticket, protected employees rights and state pension provisions for granted. So the US work environment (

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