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Regain your identity, rediscover your passion and get back in control of your life

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Former Criminal Barrister of 12 years & Executive Director of a non-profit organisation turned Global Life Coach

"Louise's ability to connect quickly and authentically with people from all walks of life, made her both a successful lawyer in the court room and a compassionate and well-grounded Executive Director within the non-profit realm.  As a life coach she is focussed, funny, quick witted and insightful. She brings about the biggest transformations in her client's lives in the most enjoyable way possible"

Louise regularly coaches clients in the US, UK and Canada.

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Life is hectic and stressful.  We have less time than ever and more demands on it.  It can be hard to catch a moments peace, let alone find the time to uncover what it is you truly want and map out how to go after it. This is where coaching comes in - coaching sessions carve out time and space for just that.  As a coach I love to piece together your story to understand how you became the person you are but also identify where that story holds you back from who you could be.

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8 Week Flagship Program For Lawyers 
Building The Mindset Needed For Success & Wellbeing


​Would you like to feel confident in your ability and your professional judgment calls? 

Would you like to stop the self criticism and the rumination when things 'go wrong'? 

Would you like to feel less like an imposter and instead proudly own your achievements?


Would you like to be able to deal with hostile opponents / difficult tribunals / pushy clerks with authority and self confidence?

Would you benefit from knowing how and when to impose professional boundaries, to protect your well being for long term career success? 


Would you like to feel that you had more balance in your life?  That your personal life and relationships weren't being negatively impacted by your profession?

Would you like to be able to find healthy effective ways to process the stress and pressure of your caseload to avoid burnout in 5 years?

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Happy Client Testimonials

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"Louise helped me clarify a huge life decision.

I've always been a person that has prided myself on having clarity and strong decision making skills as an executive leader of an organization but when I was confronted with two wonderful opportunities, I found it hard to find the answer for myself.

Louise really helped put things in perspective with her funny, calm, kind and confident demeanor. She really made me feel that I already had the answers I was looking for and she was just there to assist in the process of finding them"

Marlen Rodriguez Wolfe

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If you continue to think the way that you have always thought you are going to continue to get what you've always got

Kevin Trudeau

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